Our Publishing Package

Our full publishing package includes editing and proofreading, manuscript critique, transcription, rescripting, cover and layout design, print-on-demand, digital publishing and print production.


Editorial Services:

Creating a professional manuscript can take months or, more often than
not, years. Preparing your book for literary publication can be a tiresome task. Print Innovation
has professional in-house and external specialists who can help transform your work into a
publication and market-ready material. Choose from a comprehensive array of editorial
services that suit your needs. Whether you are a first-time author or an experienced writer, Print Innovation’s editorial
services can help you improve and enhance the readability and quality of your book.
The first and foremost stage of our publishing process is to prepare the manuscript for
publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it to fit its target market. Before
we begin, we appraise and assess the manuscript to value its readability and publishability. By
doing this, we know we are in a better position to advise the author on how he/she can make
the manuscript better, if need be. Our costing is dependent on the number of words contained
in the manuscript and the amount of work the manuscript would require. Our editorial service
has been divided into three parts. The first is the assessment and costing, the second is the first
editing which includes sentence reconstruction, grammatical corrections, punctuations and
omissions, and if the manuscript is a novel, we make sure to seal every plot hole. We then send
the first draft to the author for him/her to go through and give us his/her approval. The final
part, which is the proofreading, takes place after the author has approved of our additions
and/or subtractions. This final part is to make sure that the manuscript is free of every
grammatical error and can be passed on to the next stage.

Page Layout design:

At this stage, we take the edited manuscript and craft it into a suitable
readable form. Some layout designs discourage reading and we know that, so in order for us to
increase our clients’ readability, we make sure that every word of the manuscript is displayed in
such a way that readers will not strain and they will also feel comfortable when reading. Costing
at this stage varies from manuscript to manuscript.

Cover design:

Our knowledgeable team has years of experience in print and eBook cover design
in a wide variety of genres and will create a custom book cover that you can be proud of. We
develop the concept for your book cover based on the content theme. We first of all allow the
author to give us a fair idea of what he/she is looking for. We then take those ideas and create
the perfect book cover which would make your book stand out. It is said that we must not
judge a book by its cover, but we at Print innovation believe that, the more attractive your book
cover, the higher your sales. In designing book covers, we put a lot of things into consideration:
the target market, the content of the book and the message it carries, whether it is fiction or
non-fiction etc. we then put together three different concepts for the author to choose from.


This is the final stage of the publishing process. We offer a wide range of packages to
fit every pocket. We have the capacity to produce in very large quantities by offset lithographic
means. On the other hand, if it’s a few copies of your books you need for an event, meeting or a
lunch, or your budget would not allow you to print in bulk, then our Print-on-demand Service
service is for you. After getting all the preliminary activities done, such as the editing, cover and
page layout design, you can request for as low as a copy for whatever purpose you need it for.
We have all the machines and equipment in place to give you the perfect finish you’ve always
desired. At print innovation, our prices are very competitive and we leave every client satisfied.

Digital Publishing (e-Book) Service:

Did you know that when you choose not to publish an eBook you’re losing between 35-40% of
your potential reading audience? And if you select to only publish an eBook, you are missing out a
whole world of readers who still value the tactile experience of holding a book.
There’s no question that it’s critical to produce your book as both a printed book and eBook.
Our most accomplished authors do this, and you should too in order for your book to reach the
widest audience possible. We offer a Complete Self-Publishing Package—it provides everything you need all in one simple

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